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Phenolic Resin-Bonded Acrylic Fiber Filter Cartridge Type “APK”

These Putsch® filter cartridges are manufactured using a special process that creates a solid matrix structure with graduated permeability. The “grooved” structure increases the surface area of the filter cartridge, ensuring a higher dirt-holding capacity. Additionally, it prevents particle release as the differential pressure increases.

The entire production of phenolic resin-bonded acrylic fiber filter cartridges is carried out without the use of silicones.

The properties of the synthetic phenolic resin binder make it ideal for use in challenging conditions such as high temperatures, high fluid viscosities, and high differential pressures.

Putsch® Expertise and Customized Solutions

With over 150 years of experience, Putsch® is known for its expertise and excellent quality. Since we produce inhouse at our Hagen facility, we are highly flexible in the realm of customized products and delivery times.

Thanks to decades of experience, our company possesses extensive knowledge concerning special solutions and critical applications in the field of filtration technology.

Putsch® Benefit

• High dirt-holding capacity due to asymmetric pore design
• Consistent particle retention efficiency
• Silicone-free
• Wide chemical compatibility
• High temperature resistance

Technical Data

Phenolic Resin-Bonded Acrylic Fiber Filter Cartridge Type “APK”

MaterialsPhenolic Resin-Bonded Acrylic Fiber
Support Core Material
Filter Grades (standard)2 µm – 150 µm
Length of filter cartridges (standard)9 ¾”, 10″, 19 1/2″, 20″, 29 ¼”, 30″, 40″,

other lengths available upon request
Inner diameterapprox. 26.5 mm
Outer diameter64 mm
Application examplesPaints & Coatings
Lubricating Oils/Emulsions
Epoxy Resins/Resins
Coatings & Sealants
Hydraulic Fluids
TemperatureMax. Temperature 121°C in water
Recommended filter replacement at a maximum differential pressure of 2 bar.

Please note:
Not suitable for use with food applications.

Filter cartridge product range

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Pleated depth filter cartridges type “K11”

The Putsch® depth filter cartridges type “K11” with their micro-polypropylene filter matrix are known to be particularly effective and are especially suitable for filtering out ultrafine particles.

Membrane filter cartridges type “K01”

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Mesh filter cartridges type “PGP”

The mesh filter cartridge type “PGP” is a versatile, reusable filter cartridge made from polypropylene mesh. It is easy to clean and can quickly be converted.

Metal mesh filter cartridges type “MGG” + MGP”

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Activated carbon filter cartridges type “PA-G”

Putsch® activated carbon filter cartridges type “PA-G” are equipped with steam-activated coal pellets and specially designed for strongly contaminated liquids. The bulk form means that the activated carbon surface cannot become blocked by coarse dirt, making the useful life extremely long.

Activated carbon filter cartridges type “EPS”

Putsch® activated carbon filter cartridges type “EPS” are manufactured with activated coconut coal. The activated carbon block has a homogeneous layer with constant adsorption properties. In addition to applications in liquids, these filter cartridges are also suitable for air and gas purification.

Activated carbon filter cartridges type “GAC”

Putsch® activated carbon filter cartridges type “GAC” are made with activated coconut coal granulate and designed for low dynamic pressure and therefore a long useful life. The special design allows the liquid to pass through the entire filling, so the long contact times increase the adsorption effect.

Filter cartridges type “Pro”

Putsch® filter cartridges type “PRO” are cartridge filters on the basis of phenolic resin-bound acrylic fibers, designed for the special requirements of paint and varnish filtration.

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Use our extensive range of services for solid/liquid separation. Your contact can help you with any questions and problems.

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