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Filter housing with pump

Putsch® supplies polypropylene filter housings which are connected to a pump and mounted on a plate. The concept of “everything from one source” is implemented here. In addition to a selection of cartridge housings and bag housings, the range also includes filter housings for filter paper. In addition, all filter housings are available in different sizes for different flow rates and useful life durations. The units are completely connected to a suitable pump and are immediately ready for use.


General information

In addition to individual components such as filter housings and filter bags, cartridges or paper, customers can purchase a complete filtration system with a connected pump from Putsch® , ready for use. All components are coordinated and form a space saving unit. The filtration system is ready for use as soon as it has been installed at the customer site.

Depending on flow rate and useful life, the correct size of filter housing and pump are selected from the range.

The filter housings are made of chemically inert polypropylene and are intended for electroplating applications, where metal housings are unsuitable due to the chemical reactions.

The cartridge housings can easily be converted to filter paper by exchanging an insert, and vice versa. This leaves customers flexible as to which filter media they use for which baths.

Bag housings are also available for the commonly used filter bags size 1 and size 2.

For increased safety, a splash protection is mounted on each filter housing.

In addition, filter housings with attached chambers are available, e.g. for precoating with activated carbon in a complete filtration system.

The cutoffs are positioned cleverly to allow different modes of operation with the same system: particle filtration only via the filter media or with precoating. This means that additional baths are not required.

These filtration systems are easy to clean.

The pump for the filtration system is precisely adapted to the customer’s operating conditions. These filtration systems are most commonly operated with magnetic drive pumps. In these pumps, the motor compartment of the pump is completely separated from the liquid chamber. The drive is contactless, using only induction. This prevents hazardous leaks into the motor compartment with live parts. Wear on the seals is also greatly reduced because fewer seals are required in the pump housing compared to other pump types.

As energy costs play a crucial role today and especially in the future, an energy saving pump is particularly important when designing the filtration system.


The filtration systems are supplied with operating instructions, a maintenance plan and a spare parts list.

General technical data

General technical dataFilter housing with pump
Material for cartridge housings, pipes, cutoffs, framesPolypropylene
Seal materialDepending on the chemicals, e.g. NBR or FPM
Max. operating temperature/pressure80 °C at 6 bar operating pressure

Design as per PED 2014/68/EU, art. 4 par. (3), good engineering practice for group 2 liquids. Available for other liquids or applications on request, for assembling the required filtration system.

Putsch® filtration system product groups

Filter cartridges

Large selection of filter cartridges for solid/liquid separation. All common market types available.

Filter bags

Filter bags available in all materials, for standard & special versions.

Cartridge housings

Depending on liquid type, cartridge housings are available in different sizes & materials.

Bag housings

Bag housings available for all common filter bag sizes with different options.

Filter press accessories

Putsch® as a manufacturer of filter presses offers spare parts for all filter presses, such as filter clothes and filter plates.

Filter nonwovens

A large product range of nonwovens is available for your belt filter systems.

Spaghetti filters

The easiest way to remove tin(II) compounds is through spaghetti filters.

Filter paper

The right filter papers are available for all pump chambers.

Customer Service Center

Use our extensive range of services for solid/liquid separation. Your contact can help you with any questions and problems.

Please send any inquiry and order to

Customer Service Center

Christina Hölper
Phone: +49 (0) 23 31 / 3 99 1 53
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Customer Service Center

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Emergency number

If you need to contact us in emergencies outside office hours, the responsible Putsch® employee will be informed immediately and the required measures for solving your problem will be initiated.

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Putsch® filter paper is primarily a widespread medium in the electroplating industry and is available in thin, thick or as an activated carbon version.

Polypropylene bag housings type “BG-PP”

Putsch® bag housings type “BG-PP” are particularly high quality housings made of chemically inert polypropylene for standard size 1 and size 2 bag filters.

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