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Adsorption media

Putsch® adsorption media are a type of prefilter which is integrated into the actual filtration process.

The “spaghetti filters” made of microfiber and “angel hair” made of fiber flakes are polypropylene products which are simply placed into the filter chamber of filter bag to prevent blocking of the actual filter medium or at least delay it to a great extent. 

They are primarily used for very fine particles, e.g. colloids, which would quickly block any filter with a fine sludge layer. The use of coarser filter media would increase the useful life and slow down the blockage, but it would not achieve the desired filtration action. And a larger filter surface would mean increasing the entire filtration systems, requiring more space and more filter media.


General information/design

Putsch® spaghetti filters consist of microfiber strips, while angel hair filters are made of individual fiber flakes

The adsorption media “spaghetti” and “angel hair” are made from fine polypropylene microfibers, which have a high adsorption action on tiny, invisible particles to remove them from the liquid. The fiber filter matrix has a purely mechanical filtration effect for larger particles. Both filtration processes complement each other to remove fine and coarse particles.

Fine sludge with a tendency to form sedimentation cannot block the vast surface of these adsorption media. Recirculation of the liquid means a long contact time while less thick and dense sludge layers form until blockage. The user’s experience play an important role here. 

The system operator must not place the adsorption media into the filter chambers or bags too loosely, as otherwise a bypass could form on the medium, canceling out the adsorption effect. Adsorption media which are pressed to hard, on the other hand, can cause the liquid to flow through the fiber filter matrix unevenly, reducing the cleaning effect.

Putsch® has a high level of experience and competence in this area and offers customers advise and test support to determine which adsorption medium works best under specific conditions.

In the coating industry, adsorption media are the only effective option, e.g. for tin(II) baths, to filter out large volumes of colloids and very fine particles which would otherwise block the filter cartridges very quickly. Degreasing baths or oil emulsions also cause the intake surfaces of filter cartridges to gum up very quickly. The large surfaces of angel hair and spaghetti media, on the other hand, adsorb the very fine particles and the relatively loose fiber filter matrix prevents blocking through fine sludge.

The combination of high quality Putsch® adsorption media and corresponding user know-how makes this method so successful for certain coating systems and cleaning processes.

Technical data

Technical dataAdsorption media
VersionSpaghetti made of microfiber strips or angel hair as individual microfiber flakes.
Max. temperature90 °C in water in long term use
Application examplesDegreasing and phosphate conversion coating, suspensions with tin (+II/+IV), acid baths

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