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Vegetable processing

Putsch® has over 140 years of experience in the preparation and slicing of sugar beets. From its earliest days Putsch® has developed tools, machines and processes for sweetener and sugar production and the preparation of sugar beets. Over time, Putsch® has developed expertise in the preparation of vegetables. The Putsch® product portfolio includes the following solutions and products:

  • Vegetable unloading systems
  • Spray headers
  • Nozzle swivel devices
  • Dry soil removal drums
  • Dry soil removal equipment
  • Dry dirt separator
  • Rock catcher
  • Red beet cleaning equipment
  • Potato cleaning equipment
  • Wash drums for horseradish
  • Cell conveyor
  • Weed separator
  • Weed catcher
  • Roto-separators
  • Separating belts
  • Flume water filters
  • Drum slicing machines
  • Vegetable slicing blades
  • Compact cleaning equipment for potatoes


Interested in Putsch® products for the preparation of vegetables?

Wash drums for horseradish

Based on existing Putsch® quality products, our engineers have designed a high performance washing drum for the special demands of automatic horseradish processing. The wash drum can be easily integrated into an existing system or used as a component of a complete Putsch® vegetable processing system.