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The Putsch® Group offers its customers a comprehensive service program, encompassing everything from consultation and planning to production and delivery. Our expertise is your success.

Customized Solutions & On-Site Consultation

Upon request, our field service team is available to assist you in selecting the appropriate filter medium on-site. We also provide support in the realm of customized products.

Rental Service

If you’re uncertain about which filtration solution suits your needs, Putsch® Filter Technology offers a wide selection of rental housings such as candle housings and bag housings. This allows you to test various filter media with different fineness levels and materials in your process.

Sample Inquiry

Whether it’s filter candles, filter bags, or adsorption media, please send any sample requests to

Just-in-Time with Putsch® : Contracts

By consolidating your filter requirements, we offer swift and dependable deliveries of filter products. This, in turn, reduces your capital tie-up and costs related to warehouse logistics, storage, and procurement. We ensure individual optimization of your supply chain and high delivery reliability.

Material Diversity

The multitude of materials we offer to our customers is exceptional. For instance: polypropylene, glass fiber, baked glass fiber, nylon, activated carbon, cotton, phenolic resin, acrylic fiber, polyethersulfone, needle felt, polyester, and much more.

Product Variety

With the ability to draw upon such a wide array of materials and technologies, we can provide your customers with an impressive product variety. Smart combinations can make it even more extensive, such as combining coarse and fine filters for specific filtration requirements.

Quality Controls

Every product leaving our company is of top-notch quality, thanks to our quality management.


The earlier our technical engineers are involved in the design of a new development, the better. Purpose, size, cost volume… our designs are the answer to customized products.

Our service range

String-wound filter cartridges

Putsch® offers a very large selection of string-wound filter cartridges in many sizes, designs, materials and winding patterns.

Depth filter cartridges type “HP”

The depth filter cartridges type “HP” from Putsch® are special depth filters on polypropylene basis which are known for their particularly long useful life.

Depth filter cartridges type “CX”

The depth filter cartridge type “CX” is a 3D absolute filter for customers with very high cleanliness requirements.

Pleated depth filter cartridges type “K11”

The Putsch® depth filter cartridges type “K11” with their micro-polypropylene filter matrix are known to be particularly effective and are especially suitable for filtering out ultrafine particles.

Membrane filter cartridges type “K01”

Putsch® membrane filter cartridges “K01” use a polyethersulfone membrane, filter finest particles down to bacteria and have special adsorption properties.

Mesh filter cartridges type “PGP”

The mesh filter cartridge type “PGP” is a versatile, reusable filter cartridge made from polypropylene mesh. It is easy to clean and can quickly be converted.

Metal mesh filter cartridges type “MGG” + MGP”

Putsch® metal mesh filter cartridges type “MGG” + MGP” are special stainless steel cartridge filters for operation at high temperatures or with specific chemicals.

Activated carbon filter cartridges type “PA-G”

Putsch® activated carbon filter cartridges type “PA-G” are equipped with steam-activated coal pellets and specially designed for strongly contaminated liquids. The bulk form means that the activated carbon surface cannot become blocked by coarse dirt, making the useful life extremely long.

Activated carbon filter cartridges type “EPS”

Putsch® activated carbon filter cartridges type “EPS” are manufactured with activated coconut coal. The activated carbon block has a homogeneous layer with constant adsorption properties. In addition to applications in liquids, these filter cartridges are also suitable for air and gas purification.

Activated carbon filter cartridges type “GAC”

Putsch® activated carbon filter cartridges type “GAC” are made with activated coconut coal granulate and designed for low dynamic pressure and therefore a long useful life. The special design allows the liquid to pass through the entire filling, so the long contact times increase the adsorption effect.

Filter cartridges type “Pro”

Putsch® filter cartridges type “PRO” are cartridge filters on the basis of phenolic resin-bound acrylic fibers, designed for the special requirements of paint and varnish filtration.

Customer Service Center

Use our extensive range of services for solid/liquid separation. Your contact can help you with any questions and problems.

Please send any inquiry and order to

Customer Service Center

Christina Hölper
Phone: +49 (0) 23 31 / 3 99 1 53
Florian Ollesch

Customer Service Center

Phone: +49 (0) 23 31 / 3 99 – 1 50

Emergency number

If you need to contact us in emergencies outside office hours, the responsible Putsch® employee will be informed immediately and the required measures for solving your problem will be initiated.



If desired, we can also directly deliver to your customers—of course, in your company’s name and with your delivery note.


We securely and professionally package the products you request. We deliver your order quickly and on schedule. If there is a sudden change in your schedule, we respond quickly and adjust to the new delivery request.