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Bag housings

Putsch® offers a wide range of bag housings – made of metal and polypropylene, in many different sizes for a variety of applications.

Bag housings type “BG” size 1 and size 2

Putsch® bag housings type “BG”, size 1 and size 2, are particularly high quality housings made of rolled stainless steel for standard size 1 and size 2 bag filters.

Bag housings type “BS” size 1 and size 2

Bag housings type “BS”, size 1 and size 2, are made from stainless steel and are the particularly economical and reliable basic model among Putsch® bag housings.

Bag housings type “BG” size 3 and size 4

Putsch® bag housings type “BG”, size 3 and size 4, are particularly space saving housings with a flow rate of up to 10 m3 per hour, depending on operating conditions.

Bag housings type “MB”

Bag housings type “MB” from Putsch®are larger filter housings with 4 to 8 filter bags, depending on the size of the bag housing – ideal for high flow rates or particularly long service lives.

Polypropylene bag housings type “BG-PP”

Putsch® bag housings type “BG-PP” are particularly high quality housings made of chemically inert polypropylene for standard size 1 and size 2 bag filters.

Polypropylene bag housings type “BG-BB”

Bag housings type “BG-BB” are polypropylene filter housings which are recommended for applications where metal bag housings cannot be used, e.g. due to a risk of corrosion or chemical instability.

Overview of Putsch® filtration systems bag housings

Experience and competence

Putsch® has many decades of experience in filtration systems. For many decades, Putsch® had built up a customer base from all industry sectors and supplies a variety of customers and their requirements.

Large and varied product range

The large product range from Putsch® comprises filtration systems and products.

Fair, competent and comprehensive advice

Putsch® has an experienced team who can provide fair and comprehensive advice on the selection of the right filter product, the ideal filter medium or the selection.

Consistent quality

As a manufacturer and specialist dealer, Putsch® stands for consistent quality and reliability of its filtration systems products and all components, which can be traced back to the component suppliers to ensure top quality.

Short delivery times from the Hagen warehouse

A large number of bag housings are available from the warehouse at the Hagen plant. In addition to standard shipping, Putsch® also offers express shipping and a pick-up service during office hours.

Flexibility for special requests

The work and manufacturing processes for the Putsch® product range are adapted to standard products as well as to special dimensions and customer requests, allowing these to be implemented quickly and with a high level of technological expertise and quality.

Manufacturing and design engineering

Putsch® bag housings have been used by a variety of customers for many years. That is the best proof for sturdy products and extensive know-how. This level is achieved through in-house design engineering and assembly at the Hagen plant- At the same time, Putsch® offers selected bag housings from renowned manufacturers which have to meet the Putsch® quality requirements.