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Preparation Systems for the Production of Bioenergy

Putsch® offers everything needed for the construction and operation of bioenergy preparation systems. Using Putsch® technology, sugar beets, corn, etc. can be turned into biogas substrate (methane), bioalcohol (ethanol) and bioplastics. Putsch® offers cutting-edge technology for the automation of production processes as well as everything needed for filtration and juice processing.

Putsch® bio-energy products

Soil removal, stone removal

Putsch® dry dirt separator and stone removal


Putsch® washing drum WTR

Chipping, mashing

Putsch® beet crusher RZK series

Complete systems

Complete beet washers – mobile or stationary

Water treatment

Water settling tank and solid matter separator FSA

Material handling, conveying

Crop conveyer SGF


Pumps for flume water, pumps for beet mash


The Putsch® Group is the largest supplier of technology and equipment for the beet end in sugar factories. Our services include consulting, feasibility studies, engineering, fabrication and delivery of equipment and components.

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Putsch® bioenergy offers complete services for planning, construction, installation and start-up operations for sugar beet processing systems.

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