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Basket strainer filters

Putsch® basket strainer filters are space saving, require no consumables and filter particles from 20 µm.

The compact cast design and the cleanable basket strainers in different sizes and filter grades allow a variety of application options: as a protective filter in machine lines or cooling water systems, for cleaning drinking water, as a prefilter for coarse dirt, and many others.


General information

These basket strainer filters made from gray-cast iron are offered for different flow rates in different sizes. Each basket strainer filter contains a basket strainer. The liquid is pumped through the basket strainer from the inside to the outside, so the dirt is retained on the inner surface of the basket strainer.

The basket strainer can easily be removed and cleaned by removing the housing cover. The filter matrix for the basket strainer is a stretched metal mesh with clearly defined openings. The smooth mesh surface can easily be rinsed off. Depending on the type of contamination, the operating company will use e.g. solvents, ultrasonic baths or water jets for cleaning. The robust basket strainer is simply placed back into the unit after cleaning and is immediately ready for use again. Additional single-use filters are not necessary here.

Some pipes contain screen basket filters over many years just in case that one day an unwanted large quantity of dirt occurs. Conventional consumable filters would rot in these conditions, in contrast to the metal screen basket filters. In power plants or inaccessible locations, these durable screen basket filters from Putsch® are therefore often used in these situations.

The compact design means that only little space is required. The flanges as intake and outlet at the same height make installation in pipes equally space saving. Putsch® screen basket filters have become a staple, particularly where space is at a premium (e.g. on oil rigs, towers or ships).

Depending on the required filter area and flange size, Putsch® offers the screen basket filters in the sizes 1 to 11. Size 1 is the smallest screen basket filter with a screen basket of 150 cm2. Size 1 offers flanges in DN 15, 20 and 25 for this small filter area. The filter area and flange size increase with the higher size numbers. At the other end of these screen basket filters is size 11 with very large flanges in DN 400, 500 and 600 – Putsch® offers the matching screen basket filters for all system sizes.

For corrosion protection, the screen basket filters are primed on the inside and powder coated on the outside. Additional protective measures such as rubber coatings or epoxy resin coatings are available on request depending on the screen basket filter size. For example, the surface can be protected against corrosion from seawater with a zinc protection, allowing the screen basket filters to be used in ships or in coastal areas.

Where screen basket filters are not sufficient, Putsch® offers a duplex unit consisting of two screen basket filters with switchover. The duplex unit means that the flow is not interrupted during cleaning work – one screen basket filter continues to operate while the other one can be cleaned.

Housing closure

The massive housing cover is flanged and is closed with stay bolts, which are made of galvanized steel and therefore protect against corrosion.

For sizes 1 to 8, Putsch® offers the option of locking the housing cover with a bar which makes opening and closing of the screen basket filter easier. Retrofitting a screen basket from stay bolts to a bar is easy.


The screen basket filters are very compact and stable. An additional base frame is not required. Floor plates are required for large screen basket filters from size 7.


Flanges in the corresponding sizes are provided on all screen basket filters.

Holes are provided for venting and draining.
The flange has 3/8″ holes for attaching a differential pressure gage (optional).

Screen basket

The corresponding screen baskets up to 1000 µm are equipped with a stainless metal mesh with a perforated plate. From 1000 µm (= 1 mm), the metal mesh is omitted and the corresponding perforation size determines the filter grade. The screen basket consists of a sturdy welded structure and is free from adhesives or polypropylenes. The liquid flows from inside to outside, whereby the shear forces are very well absorbed thanks to the special design. If the flow direction is reversed, there is a risk of deformation and damage to the screen basket.

The cleaning method depends on the properties of the contamination and starts with simple rinsing; due to the sturdy design, the screen basket is also ideal for other cleaning methods, e.g. chemical cleaning, steam cleaning, blowing out or ultrasonic baths.


The screen baskets are designed and manufactured to the requirements of the relevant regulations. As per the relevant legal requirements, a CE marking may have to be applied by Putsch®. In this case, the specific application at the operating company must be known in order to meet the respective regulations and supply the required documents.



Putsch® offers the appropriate accessories for comfortable operation.

Cover options

A drain cock or a pressure gage (pre-pressure measurement) can be connected at the cover.

Differential pressure gage/optical indicator

The pressure is displayed with a dial. Two display ranges are shown on the dial, depending on the spring installed: from 0 to 0.25 bar or from 0 to 10 bar.

Differential pressure gage/electric contact F1 (switch-off contact)

At a certain pressure, a contact which acts as a signal transmitter is closed. The desired pressure has to be specified beforehand, so the pressure gage can be calibrated to it before delivery.

Differential pressure gage/electric contact F2 (switchover contact)

For this option, two different pressures are defined for triggering the respective signal. The first signal, for example, serves as a pilot signal so the operator can plan the time for operation and does not have to interfere immediately.


In the metal processing industry, the liquid to be cleaned often transports sharp-edged metal parts into the screen basket. This presents the risk of the these metal chips, wires or pins damaging the metal mesh. The solution for this is to attach permanent magnets which attract magnetizable metals before these can cause any damage.

Technische Daten

Technical dataBasket strainer filters
Cylinder material, housing coverCast steel as per EN GJS-500-17
Seal materialNBR (standard), FPM, EPDM
Inner surfacePrimed against corrosion
Outer surfaceBlue (RAL 5010) paint (powder coating)
Intake/outletFlange DIN 2532/33 shape B, DN 15 – DN 600
VentingInternal thread 1/4
DrainingInternal thread 3/8
Max. operating temperature/pressure110 °C at max. 16 bar for water
Filter grades60 – 1000 µm fabric, from 1000 µm perforation
Number of screen baskets1
Application examplescooling circuit, turbine lines, pump protection filter, dirt traps in chemical plants and refineries, well water, hydraulics, drinking water safety filter

Design as per PED 2014/68/EU, art. 4 par. (3), good engineering practice for group 2 liquids. Depending on the intended use, a CE marking and a TÜV acceptance may be required. TÜV testing and material certificates are also available on request, subject to a surcharge.

The flow rate of the liquid depends on the screen baskets used, the pipe diameters and the operating conditions.

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