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Anode bags

Anode bags from Putsch® are primarily used in electroplating, where they protect the anodes against dirt. Dirty anodes have a negative effect on the current density in the electroplating process: the layer thicknesses in electroplating are no longer exactly even, electricity costs rise, secondary reactions disintegrate the bath and the anode has to be replaced earlier.


General information/design

Putsch® offers customized anode bags to combat contamination for all anode types.

The use of anode bags prevents that foreign substances from the anodes enter the bath or that salts from the bath settle on the anodes.

Putsch® anode bags protect all types of anodes such as baskets, plates or rods (billet anodes, etc.) and are custom manufactured to the anode dimensions. The Putsch® fabric anode bags have proven particularly successful with customers, because they are easy to clean and can be reused many times. The effective needle felt-type anode bags from Putsch® are also widely used where a long usable life is required and the bath contains a great volume of fine dirt.

Due to the high chemical resistance and economic efficiency, most felt-type anode bags are made of polypropylene. Polyester is also an option – it has a very high tear strength and a higher temperature resistance than polypropylene.

Ribbons are attached for secure fixing of the anode bags. These are usually uncolored ribbons which are not subject to chemical “bleeding”, but customer requests with regard to color, length and attachment point can be taken into account.

Technical data

Technical data
Anode bags
MaterialPolypropylene (needle felt or fabric); polyester (on request)
Grammage340 g/m²
SizeAs per customer specifications
Filter grade1 µm to 30 µm
Application examplesElectroplating baths

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