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Polypropylene mesh filter cartridges type “PGP”

The filter cartridge type “PGP” is a reusable filter cartridge made from polypropylene mesh. This mesh cartridge is easy to clean and can be converted to other lengths and/or grades with few components and little effort, thanks to the modular concept.


General information/design

The polypropylene mesh filter cartridges type “PGP” consist of a robust support tube which is covered with a filter mesh. Polypropylene caps with flat seals are placed on both ends. Different mesh grades from 15 µm to 300 µm (standard) as well as support tubes with different lengths are available, covering a wide range of applications.

The filter mesh consists of chemically inert polypropylene and is manufactured without seams in a special round weaving process. Due to the shear forces, seams are points of attack for the flowing liquid which can lead to the formation of bypasses. During the cleaning process, seams are weak points where fine dirt particles could settle. 
Putsch® filter cartridges type “PGP” are manufactured without seams!

The special satin weave is particularly tear-proof and durable. Dirt settles on the mesh and the particularly smooth surface allows the dirt to simply be rinsed off again. This makes the cleaning process significantly more effective and easier. The cleaned mesh can be used again. The costs for replacement filter cartridges and their disposal are much lower.

The caps with the flat seals are pushed on, not permanently bonded. When the caps are removed, the mesh can be taken out to be replaced or to change the filter grade.
This washable filter is therefore also ideal for testing in new applications, as different filter grades can be tested with only one filter cartridge and the respective mesh inserts. 
That saves purchasing and storage costs.

The same applies to the lengths. Support tubes with different lengths are combined with the mesh in the corresponding length. The sealing caps fit all support cores – regardless of the respective mesh tension.

The filter cartridges type “PGP” contain no metal and are therefore not subject to corrosion. That makes these filter cartridges particularly suitable for filtration of salty water and for subsequent purification with hydrochloric acid.
The polypropylene used is also resistant against many acids and numerous solvents.

Due to the 15 µm to 300 µm (standard) mesh, these filter cartridges are especially used for relatively coarse filtrates: encrustations in water lines, grains of sand before a water pump, dirt traps before pumps, line filters in tank farms, recycling of flushing solutions, etc. 
These mesh filter cartridges have a cleverly easy design and operating principle and can be used almost universally.

A special practical tip from Putsch®:
Finer filter cartridges often get blocked by visible sludge very quickly and then have to be replaced, which is expensive. Test the “PGP” filter cartridges as precoat filters under these conditions. You will see that a layer of sludge builds up on the mesh surface as a filter cake, which filters clearly longer and retains much smaller particles than the respective mesh. Feedback from many of our customers has confirmed this.


We always use food-grade polypropylene. 

RoHS requirements are met for use in the electronics and coating industry.

No substances that could interfere with adhesion, e.g. silicones, are permitted in paint coating systems, among others. All components are free from silicone.


The polypropylene mesh filter cartridges type “PGP” are open on both ends (DOE) and the caps are equipped with flat seals. These adapters are suitable for cartridge housings with cutting edges.

Technical data

Technical dataPolypropylene mesh filter cartridges type “PGP”
Mesh, support core and end cap materialsPolypropylene
Seal materialsNBR (standard), Viton® , EPDM
Filter grades (standard)15 µm – 300 µm
Length of filter cartridges (standard)127 mm, 248 mm, 500 mm, 750 mm, 1000 mm and 10“, 20“, 30“, 40“
Inner diameter31 mm
Outer diameter66 mm
Max. temperature80 °C for water under static conditions
Application exampleselectroplating baths, food & beverages, cooling water, chemicals

Recommended filter cartridge exchange at max. 2 bar differential pressure.

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