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Metal mesh filter cartridges type “MGG” + “MGP”

Putsch® metal mesh filter cartridges type “MGG” and “MGP” are used where polypropylene filter cartridges are unsuitable, e.g. at high operating temperatures or in combination with specific chemicals. The smooth “MGG” version as well as the pleated “MGP” version are made completely of stainless steel and therefore especially robust. As all other Putsch® filter cartridges, the metal mesh filter cartridges type “MGG” and “MGP” are manufactured with high precision and under strict monitoring, exclusively in Germany.


General information/design

The metal mesh filter cartridges type “MGG” and “MGP” consist of a robust stainless steel support core covered with metal mesh. Stainless steel caps are welded to both ends, with the respective adapters and seals. Type “MGG” is a smooth mesh, while type “MGP” has pleated mesh. The pleated version has approx. three times the mesh surface of the smooth version and accordingly achieves a longer usable period until blockage.

The metal mesh is the heart of these filter cartridges. The mesh is manufactured by renowned German weaving mills. Warp and weft microwires are used to weave precisely defined meshes which retain the particles to be filtered. The filter action is clearly defined by the mesh size and symmetry.

Depending on the filter grade, different weaving patterns as well as extremely fine, high precision metal wire are used. Only selected weaving mills ensure that the metal mesh is free from tension and dimensionally stable, with evenly sized openings to provide effective filtration from a precisely defined particle size.
The finer the mesh, the thinner the metal wires. For this reason, Putsch® supplies certain weaves and filter grades with an additional, welded protective mesh which has been proven to significantly extend the useful life of the filter cartridges.

The contaminations are retained on the intake side. The smooth mesh surface means that loose dirt can easily be rinsed off. To extend the service life of these filter cartridges, Putsch® recommends an external backflushing support made of a coarser mesh, if the filter cartridges are to be flushed with clean liquid against the flow direction. This allows a much higher flow rate than in filtration direction and any dirt is removed more effectively and faster. The mesh is secured with a backflushing support to protect against destruction. The smooth filter cartridges type “MGG” are much easier and faster to clean.

The metal mesh filter cartridges are fully plasma welded, oil-free and thermally degreased. The end caps and the lengthwise seam are free from adhesives and also professionally welded, making the filter cartridges reliable and free from weak points.

Thanks to the sturdy design and single-piece production, the filter cartridges can resist pressure surges and can also be treated with sterile steam.

The filter cartridges, which are open at both ends (OE), are equipped with standard flat PTFE seals (Teflon®) in the grooves. Teflon® is a thermally and chemically resistant sealing material and provides extremely reliable sealing for the majority of applications.

As an alternative, Putsch® also offers other adapters, e.g. with thread or with P7. Different suitable versions are available depending on the cartridge housing type.

A vast selection of filter grades from 1 µm to 1000 µm is available, whereby it has to be taken into account that the free filter surface decreases as the filter grade increases: The flow of the liquid is not only restricted by the finer mesh, but primarily by the lower free surface of all mesh openings. The pleated mesh cartridge type “MGP” is ideal for increasing the mesh surface, so that the flow is not restricted on very fine meshes while the useful life is increased.


The filter cartridges are made from stainless steel and therefore not only resistant to corrosion, but also ideal for use with food.

No substances that could interfere with adhesion, e.g. silicones, are permitted in paint coating systems, among others. All components are therefore free from silicone.

Customer request

Putsch® develops special solutions for you, with custom lengths or special designs – following customer sample or drawing. In addition to the usual standard dimensions, special filter cartridges can be developed and manufactured for special applications. As even the standard filter cartridges are manufactured in precision individual production, the additional costs for customized items remain within reasonable limits and the manufacturing process is designed accordingly. Putsch® metal mesh filter cartridges are made from high quality stainless steel and can be cleaned as often as needed, which means they have extremely low wear and have a correspondingly long useful life. 

Putsch® offers single layer metal filter cartridges as well as cartridge filters with multi layer mesh structures. For some applications, e.g. in gas lines with high pressure, the multi layer structure significantly increases the support strength which counteracts damage to the filter through pressure surges.


The filter cartridges are open at both ends (DOE) as a standard and the caps are equipped with flat Teflon® seals. These adapters are suitable for cartridge housings with cutting edges. 

On request, e.g. threads can be welded on. In addition, a variety of customized special versions are possible.

Technical data

Technical dataMetal mesh filter cartridges type “MGG” + “MGP”
Filter medium material (mesh, support core, end caps)Stainless steel 1.4301
Seal materialsPTFE (standard for DOE)
Filter grades (standard)1 µm – 1000 µm
Length of filter cartridges (standard)120 mm, 248 mm, 496 mm, 744 mm, 992 mm, 1016 mm
Inner diameterapprox. 27 mm
Outer diameter64 mm
Mesh surface metal mesh MGGApprox. 500 cm2
Mesh surface metal mesh MGPApprox. 1500 cm2
Max. temperatureMax. 200 °C for water under static conditions (limited by sealing material)
Application examplesHot liquids, solvents, viscous liquids, oxidizing agents (e.g. potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide, nitric acid), hot steam

Recommended filter cartridge exchange at max. 2 bar differential pressure.

Filter cartridge product range

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Metal mesh filter cartridges type “MGG” + MGP”

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Activated carbon filter cartridges type “PA-G”

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Activated carbon filter cartridges type “EPS”

Putsch® activated carbon filter cartridges type “EPS” are manufactured with activated coconut coal. The activated carbon block has a homogeneous layer with constant adsorption properties. In addition to applications in liquids, these filter cartridges are also suitable for air and gas purification.

Activated carbon filter cartridges type “GAC”

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Filter cartridges type “Pro”

Putsch® filter cartridges type “PRO” are cartridge filters on the basis of phenolic resin-bound acrylic fibers, designed for the special requirements of paint and varnish filtration.

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