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Membrane filter cartridges type “K01”

Putsch® membrane filter cartridges type “K01” are manufactured under strictly controlled manufacturing conditions in a cleanroom. Membranes in filtration systems are very thin films (from approx. 50 µm) with exactly defined pores, which are so small that even bacteria are retained. 

In addition to the reliability of the effective filtration of membrane filter cartridges, these high quality filter cartridges provide an option for monitoring and documentation. The precision pore filter matrix allows physical test procedures for monitoring tightness, which is particularly required in the pharma industry, in quality management and in semiconductor manufacturing.

The polyethersulfone membrane is the heart of the filter cartridges. It is chemically resistant, adsorbs only few dissolved active medical substances and has the highest liquid flow rate of all membranes. These product properties of membrane filter cartridges are used for high purity water and high purity chemicals, in medical technology and in biotechnology.


General information/design

The polyethersulfone membrane is manufactured in a cleanroom under strictly controlled conditions.

Targeted chemical reactions are used to form the pores in a special casting process. The surface is always hydrophilic without chemical wetting agents, excluding contamination of the filtrate through foreign substances in this way. This also means that the wetting property through liquids or at higher temperatures remains unchanged and the high flow properties are maintained in the entire ph-range and even under temperature fluctuations.

Polyethersulfone is chemically highly resistant and can therefore be used in combination with acids, lyes and organic solvents. 

The polyethersulfone membrane also has the great advantage over many other membranes in that a high flow rate of the liquid is achieved at a very low differential pressure. Fewer filter cartridges are required for the same flow rate than with other membranes, requiring smaller, cheaper filter housings and less space, therefore saving costs.

The polyethersulfone membrane is protected by drain layers on both sides, which act as spacers and shapers for the pleating. The special quality of the pleating technology becomes evident in the pleating and has a strong influence on the special properties of the filter cartridge.

After pleating, the pleated unit is bonded with ultrasound and is therefore free from adhesives.

Putsch® customers confirm from many applications that the adsorption properties for biochemical and medical substances are strikingly low. 

For drugs or in fermentation reactors, the valuable active ingredients are not bonded when they are filtered with the membrane filter cartridges.

The pleated unit is thermally bonded in a full polypropylene cage, which means it is protected and free from bypasses. The design and workmanship ensure that the usual disinfectant measures, e.g. with saturated steam, hot water or peroxy acid, can be carried out.


The membrane filter cartridges type “K01” are fully suitable for contact with food. All components comply with the regulations from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

To meet the hygiene requirements, the polyethersulfone membrane was tested with bacterial strains as per the corresponding biological procedure. The membrane filter cartridges type “K01” have been confirmed as sterile filters through corresponding tests. The flawless filtration function and the tightness of the adapters are verified through the integrity values.


Depending on the cartridge housing, different adapters are available for the membrane filter cartridges type “K01”. The adapters are permanently bonded to the support cores (cage) in a thermal process. Different seals made of EPDM, Viton® , silicone® and NBR are available for the polypropylene caps.

Technical data

Technical dataMembrane filter cartridges type “K01”
Membrane materialPolyethersulfone
Support core and drain layer materialPolypropylene
Filter grades (standard)0,2 µm – 0,45 µm
Length of filter cartridges (standard)9 ¾ “, 10“, 20“, 30“, 40“
Inner diameter28 mm
Outer diameter69 mm – 71 mm
Application examplesHigh purity water, sterile filtration, cosmetics, microelectronics, high purity chemicals, beverage industry, food, solvents

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