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Depth filter cartridge type “CX”

The depth filter cartridge type “CX” is the premium product among the melt blown filter cartridges. Only precisely defined microfibers from a special formulation of bi-components are used in the melt blown process for manufacturing these 3D absolute filters. 

The special quality of this process means that the depth filter cartridges type “CX” are especially suitable for customers with very high purity requirements, e.g. in the food industry, for manufacturers of high quality paints and varnishes and for the production of very thin layers on PCBs or the like.


General information/design

Under strictly controlled conditions, the microfibers are applied individually to a rotating shaft in the melt blown process, using a strong air flow from a nozzle. This special process ensures particularly uniform microfibers with regard to length and diameter, which becomes even more evident when viewed under magnification.

The melt blown process runs most efficiently when bi-component fibers of the depth filter cartridges of type “CX” are used.

Following the extraction step, each polypropylene fiber behind the spinneret is coated in an extremely thin layer of polyethylene using a highly engineered procedure. This layer acts as a melting layer and adds a particular set of properties to the type “CX” depth filter cartridge. The mechanical strength thereby achieved is so great that the type “CX” cartridge filters require no support cores. The pore structure is maintained, even under pressure, ensuring that the filtration effect remains reliable and constant.

Since the small amount of polyethylene is perfectly sufficient as a fluxing agent, no additional chemical additives are required for these bi-component fibers.

The high-precision production technology ensures that two perfectly uniform, homogeneous layers of microfiber with an absolute filter efficiency and a particularly long service life are created. This two-layer design can easily be perceived with the naked eye: the first layer is significantly coarser than the second layer, and filters the larger particles. This prefilter in turn protects the finer layer, which contributes to a much longer service life of the type “CX” depth filter cartridges.

The melt blown technology ensures that the product quality of the filtrate is maintained; the filter efficiency thereby achieved is important for generating an extremely pure, particle-free filtrate for sophisticated application scenarios, such as used in the coating industry or for food production.


The depth filter cartridges type “CX” are fully suitable for contact with food. All components comply with the regulations from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

RoHS requirements are met for use in the electronics and coating industry.

No substances that could interfere with adhesion, e.g. silicones, are permitted in paint coating systems, among others. All requirements in this regard are also met.


Depending on the cartridge housing, different adapters are available for the depth filter cartridges type “CX”. The adapters consist of polypropylene caps which are attached with a polypropylene melt. 
Different seals made of EPDM, Viton®, silicone®, NBR and other materials are available for the polypropylene caps.

Technical data

Technical dataDepth filter cartridges type “CX”
Medium materialBi-components made of polypropylene and polyethylene
Filter grades (standard)0,5 µm – 100 µm
Length of filter cartridges (standard)250 mm, 500 mm, 750 mm, 1000 mm
Inner diameterapprox. 30 mm
Outer diameter66 mm
Max. temperatureMax. 80 °C for water under static conditions
Application examplesFood and beverage industry, PCB manufacturers, paint and varnish manufacturers

Recommended filter cartridge exchange at max. 2 bar differential pressure.

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