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Guido Meggers – Director of Quality Assurance

Name: Guido Meggers
Current position:  Head of Quality Assurance
At Putsch® since February 1996

For what reasons did you decide to work for Putsch®? What was your introduction to Putsch®?

Before I applied at Putsch®, I researched information about the company. Putsch’s long standing tradition was, for me, a sign of continuity and security. My entry coincided with the implementattion of Quality Assurance. The department name is self-descriptive, so  I was also aware of our responsibility: The customer expects to be satisfied with flawless products.

What has been your career path in the company, and what is your current job role?

After I started as an employee in Incoming  Inspection within Quality Assurance, I took production technician training as a sideline. In parallel, I was given more responsibility on the department of the company and finally becoming the head of department. Along with the Machine Acceptance Testing, I had responsibility for the inspection of individual components and purchased parts from outside suppliers.
In addition, incoming inspection,  serial production inspection, documentation of completed machines and the support of the QM.

And what is your experience with the development opportunities within the Putsch® -Group?

Of course it is important to pursue an objective. From my own experience,  “Putsch®” is committed to its employees through training in order to enable them to to contribute.

What motivates you in your everyday working life?
Personal motivation is not difficult. My job is very diverse and interesting.

And how do you motivate your employees?

I think the most important thing is that every employee sees himself or herself as part of a team.  Team meetings in this company are just as important as personal discussions with individuals. I have trust and an open attitude. In the event of a fault I bring the employees together. Praise and recognition should not be foreign concepts. Criticism, no matter how it is presented, should not be used in a negative manner.

Do you have any advice for someone who would like to work in your position one day?

To stay faithful to the demands of his work as he would tor himself. It is important when employed by a company to be able to  identify with the obligations.

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Job Vacancies in Germany

Job Vacancies in Germany

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