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Putsch® GmbH & Co. KG, Hagen. Central point of contact for worldwide customer service

Here you will find the headquarters of the Putsch® Group.

Many multilingual employees in all service and sales areas communicate from here with our customers at home and abroad in their respective national languages.

Over 60 skilled workers plan and construct our machines and systems sold worldwide in Hagen and supervise the projects of our customers from consultation to completion.

Our own research and development department continuously ensures the new and further development of our product range in all customer areas according to the state of the art.

The excellent Putsch® customer service is a must-have for the sweetener and sugar industry, as well as bioenergy, vegetable, glass and wood industries and filter technologies.

Putsch® GmbH & Co. KG

Frankfurter Straße 5 – 21
58095 Hagen 
Phone: + 49 (0) 23 31 / 3 99 – 0
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The Putsch® Technology Center in Wuppertal is the new main production site of the Putsch® Group

Since March 2017, Putsch® has been manufacturing machinery and equipment for the sugar industry and the vegetable industry at our newly built site in Wuppertal.

New production machines and a generous amount of space in the new Putsch Technology Center Wuppertal factory halls allow for even more efficient and future-oriented planning and production of our products.

Putsch® GmbH & Co. KG, Wuppertal

Linderhauser Strasse 74
42279 Wuppertal
Phone: +49 (0) 23 31 / 3 99 – 3 99
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Fontaine® – Leading Screen Technology in Aachen

he establishment of Fontaine®, the oldest  business group – part of Putsch®since 1953  – is located on the borders of a triangle formed by Germany, Belgium and the Netheralnds. Its history dates to 1857.

Fontaine® is the only manufacturer of screens for continuous and intermittent centrifugals.  Because of our extensive experience in the processes of the sugar industry, our Fontaine®  customers will be provided with competent and detailed recommendations, and also with supplies and material in a timely manner.

Because Fontaine® has its own mechanical manufacturing and galvanoplastic processing, the broad product range can be adjusted to individual customer’s wishes. In addition, a large inventory with a corresponding large selection of parts makes for short delivery times.

Fontaine & Co. GmbH

Grüner Weg 31
52070 Aachen
Phone: +49 (0) 2 41 / 91 86 3 – 0
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Putsch® CST GmbH – Zevener Passion for Crop Plants

CST means Cleaning & Separation Technologies. Originally developed from the company G & W, Putsch® CST GmbH since 2000 has continued on the combined know-how of the crops and vegetable preparation.

The machines and equipment for cleaning and crushing of various crops and also for energy production from biogas are produced and marketed in Zeven.  A separate extremely knowledgeable customer service department is in charge locally to the proper operation of Knuppelwasche and Co.

Our northernmost site in Germany, Zevener is located on the A1 between Hamburg and Bremen.

Putsch® CST GmbH

Industriestrasse 14 – 22
27404 Zeven
Phone: +49 (0) 42 81 / 95 01 91
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Putsch® Meniconi® Spa, Poggibonsi, Italy – Manufacturing Center on the hills of Chianti since 1956.

Our Italian Group member is located in Poggibonsi 35 kilometers south of Florence. The Tuscan company is one of the four facilities of the Putsch® Group with its own research and development department. Approximately 50 highly qualified people produce at this location a wide range of machines, equipment and tools for the sugar, wood, and glass industries, as well as tools for making footwear.

Putsch® Meniconi S.p.a.  has been part of the Putsch® group since 1956 and during that time has specialized in the production of horizontal and vertical panel saws. These machines can cut wood, plastic and composite materials. The automatic saws are especially useful for very thick, bullet proof and fire rated glass.

From the Tuscany site; sales, service, maintenance, and repair of the entire Putsch® product range is effectively planned and coordinated, especially for our customers in Southern Europe.

Putsch® Meniconi S. p. A.

Localita Bellavista, Via Irlanda, 1
53036 Poggibonsi (Siena)
Phone: +39 (0) 05 77 / 9 03 11
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Putsch® Nerva S.A. , Valladolid – Production and Technical Center in the province of Castilla y León

Small but efficient – The Putsch® Nerva S.A. facility reacts quickly and has flexibly to meet the needs of the customers and to the Group headquarters.  This facility is certified to the quality management system EN ISO 9001:2008.
Nerva has served the Spanish market since 1955 in the sugar and glass industries and also in filtration technology.
Since 2012, the Latin American cane industry market has been penetrated,  and our South American cusomters have be excellently serviced by  Valladolid.
Putsch® Nerva S.A practices the logo of the Putsch® Group: “Excellence in Technology”:  New and customer-specific solutions, such as turnkey plants and new Putsch® products are always undertaken  in close coordination with the sales department of the company headquarters in Germany.
The Spanish Group member, networked to the Putsch® Group, is supported wherever it is possible by the capacities of the other members of the complete group of companies.

Putsch® Nerva S.A.

Calle Vázquez de Menchaca, 136
47008 Valladolid
Phone: +34 (0) 9 83 / 27 22 08 – 16
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Putsch® Teknoloji, Turkey – Expanded Service from the City on two Continents

Located directly in Istanbul, in the Turkish center for culture, trade, finance, and media, you will find Putsch® Teknoloji Turkey. From this historically and currently captivating place, we offer our existing and future customers additional products and services.

Putsch® Teknoloji Limited

Byoffice Kozyatağı Blok No. 14
Iç Kapı No: 7
34752, Kadıköy İstanbul
Phone: +90 (530) 429 24 83
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Putsch® & Company Inc. , Asheville, North Carolina, USA

The North American Technical Center

To respond quickly to  the requirements of its North American customers, Putsch®founded a sister company in 1973 in Asheville. This took on production in 1975 and soon opened up new, key markets for Putsch® products.

Putsch’s North American Technical Center is well  located for the American market. In the Asheville area, Putsch® products from nearly all manufacturing sectors are researched, developed, planned and produced .

The customers benefit in particular from a more efficient and faster customer service support of  Putsch ® machinery in the North American market; such as measurement units, electrical operating conditions, and legal requirements.

Starting in 2005,  Putscht® Filter and Separation Technologies (FST) has been pursuing new  business and more applications for Putsch® filtration technology

Putsch® & Company Inc.

P. O. Box 5128
28813 Asheville N.C.
Phone: +1 (828) 684-0671
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OOO Putsch®, Moscow, Russia – Customer Care Center in the Russian metropolis

The Customer Service Center of OOO Putsch® in Moscow has been there since 2012. It serves customers in particular from the countries of the Russian Customs Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan) and the neighboring countries.
The Customer Service Center is supplemented by a  distribution center in the region around Voronezh, 500 km south-east of Moscow. Many sugar factories are located here.
With the Customer Service Center on the Moskva river and the distribution warehouse on the Don river,  service, maintenance, repair and delivery of Putsch®machines and systems serve our customers in the best possible way:  The Russian Eurasian day-to-day business consists of rapid order processing in the respective national languages, short distances, and fast deliveries.

OOO Putsch®, Moscow

Lane 4th Lesnoy, House 4, Prom. I, Room 91, Office 421
125047 Moscow
Phone: +7 919 180 02 14
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Stord International – Norwegian Double Screw Presses for different applications

Since 1919, Stord International has been located in Bergen, Norway’s second largest city with one of the busiest seaports in Europe.

Stord  International builds and sells double screw presses. Originally intended for the production of fishmeal, these can be used for a variety of industrial applications and are known worldwide in the sugar industry. The draining of sugar beet pulp after extraction is now one of the most important fields of application for these machines.

Since 2013, Stord International is a member of the Putsch® Group and expands the portfolio of the Putsch® group.

Stord International A.S.

Kokstadflaten 17
5863 Bergen
Tel.: +47 (0) 55 98 40 20
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Czech Republic

Putsch® Stord, Brno, Czech Republic – Service and production for double spindle presses.

At the site in South Moravia Putsch® Stord, as the Czech arm of Stord International,  manufactures the enclosure for the double screw presses. The customers are supplied directly from this location. In Brno, the Czech manufacturing and service companies will expand significantly.

Putsch® Stord s.r.o.

Zbynek Vokoun
Soskova 1567
59231 Nove Mesto Na Morave
Tel.: +420 605 246 767
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