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On the road regarding „White Gold“

Our apprentices visit the sugar factory Jülich.

On November 2nd, 2016 our apprentices, well supplied with lunch boxes and beverages, went to the sugar factory in Jülich. Everyone arrived in a good mood.
The curiosity was soon satisfied:
The “employees to be” initially received
Information about sugar production in general as well as explanations of the changing sugar market regulations.
Afterwards, they began a two-hour tour of the factory. They started at the beet yard where the group first saw the
still unwashed sugar beets, the flume water channel, as well as the Prewashing drum.

Afterwards, the machines and processes in the wash house were shown and explained to the eager-to-learn apprentices. Finally, our apprentices collected impressions in the slicing station, the filtration operation, as well as the evaporation process.

Not only was there much to see but also to try for the apprentices. The taste of sugar is well-known, but only a few had an idea how a sugar beet or freshly made thick juice tastes.

This excursion will remain as a “sweet memory” for our 25 apprentices. We also thank Pfeifer & Langen for making this visit possible.