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Filtration Systems

In the field of filtration systems, Putsch® offers an extensive range of filters for solid/liquid separation. The focus is on filter cartridges and filter bags, as well as a wide selection of filter housings.


Sweetener and Sugar Production

The Putsch® Group is an internationally active technology company with core expertise in the planning and construction of sugar factories, sugar refineries and equipment for the sweetener industry.


Stord Twin Screw Presses

The product range available from Stord International includes twin screw presses for mechanical de-watering for use in various industrial applications.

Stord Twin Screw Presses


Putsch® offers process technology for bioenergy production. Sugar beets and potatoes can be turned into biogas substrate and substrate for the production of bioalcohol and bioplastics through the use of Putsch® technology. Putsch® also offers state-of-the-art technology for the automation of these production processes.

Glass Production

Putsch® offers a shear blade, glass injection presses, glass centrifuges and a fully automatic spherical feeder Glassmaking tools complete the product line. Putsch® manufactures precision panel saws for cutting fire-rated glass, bulletproof glass and marble. We also offer coolant recycle tanks for our panel saws.

Glas Speisermesser

Panel Saws

Since 1956, Putsch® has built a reputation for building high quality precision panel saws and is today one of the leading manufacturers of panel cutting systems in the world.

Vegetable Processing

Putsch® has over 150 years of experience in the processing and slicing beets. With this experience and through the combination of new technologies, Putsch® has developed efficient solutions and products for the preparation and processing of very diverse types of vegetables.

Beets, Carrots, Potatoes

Leather and Rubber Processing

For decades the Italian subsidiary firm Putsch®-Meniconi has manufactured high-quality circular blades for the leather and rubber industries.

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Putsch® goes Metropolitan – with a new branch in Istanbul

The Putsch® Group has already expanded its ranks with a new member last autumn! Who is it and what can they do? Mr. Osman Aksoy will now take care of the needs of our numerous customers in the sugar and glass production sector with expanded service offerings and new products. With this step forward, we are now present in this fascinating land on the Bosporus and aim to expand our customer base here as well. We welcome Putsch® Teknoloji Ltd. Şti. to the Putsch® Group and wish Mr. Aksoy and his colleagues much success.


Putsch Technology Center Wuppertal Opened

The first construction phase of our technology center in Wuppertal has been completed. A large part of the production staff has moved their workstations to the new manufacturing facility which is approximately 7,300 square meters. Additional departments are also in the process of relocating. The technical improvement throughout the new modern facility includes new production equipment and machines as well as flexible crane systems that enable us to continuously increase productivity. This allows us to be even more suited to meet our customers’ demands, to be more efficient, effective and with the highest quality.

Besuch einer Zuckerfrabrik


On the road regarding „White Gold“

Our apprentices visit the sugar factory Jülich. On November 2nd, 2016 our apprentices, well supplied with lunch boxes and beverages, went to the sugar factory in Jülich. Everyone arrived in a good mood. The curiosity was soon satisfied: The “employees to be” initially received Information about sugar production in general as well as explanations of the changing sugar market regulations. Afterwards, they began a two-hour tour of the factory. They started at the beet yard where the group first saw the still unwashed sugar beets, the flume water channel, as well as the Prewashing drum. Afterwards, the machines and processes in the wash house were shown and explained to the eager-to-learn apprentices. Finally, our apprentices collected impressions in the slicing station, the filtration operation, as well as the evaporation process. Not only was there much to see but also to try for the apprentices. The taste of sugar is well-known, but only a few had an idea how a sugar beet or freshly made thick juice tastes. This excursion will remain as a “sweet memory” for our 25 apprentices. We also thank Pfeifer & Langen for making this visit possible.

The Putsch® Group

The Company

The Putsch® Group is an international network of technology companies with locations throughout the world and has been in business for over 150 years.


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